Shatter the Stigma

   Ricky’s Compass is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on mental health. Our mission has two objectives. The first is too shatter the stigma that surrounds mental illness which prevents those in need from seeking out help. The second is to educate and advocate for mental health in the community. We also act as a compass and direct individuals to the proper resources. We create relationships with those suffering in the community as well as the resources offered like the MHA, Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris County. Then, we connect individuals to people that can help. Additionally, we give people a platform to share their stories, which creates a healthy environment fostering open dialogue as we work together to shatter the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

   Ricky’s Compass does this by hosting donation drives for mental health facilities, hosting informative lectures at schools and universities, sponsoring Mental Health First Aid Classes, hosting events that promote mental health education, and giving people a platform to share their story. We hope that by doing this we can shatter the stigma surrounding mental health and create a world that is built on knowledge and acceptance for all.   

     Ricky has taken each of our hands throughout our lives and navigated us onto this passionate cause to save a life. Through Ricky’s Compass, we hope to lay the foundation for a new understanding and change the narrative around mental health.

Check out our videos and photos below for past events! 

September 2019



Sponsored by ricky's compass inc.

Hosted by Mental health association of esseex/morris

Mental Health & Wellness Expo 2018!  

Mental Health & Wellness Expo 2018 

Educational Presentations

Mental Health First Aid

Ricky's Compass was able to pay for 15 people to become  Mental Health First Aid certified! This course teaches you risk factors and signs of mental health and substance use problems, five step action plan to help someone in a crisis or non-crisis situation, local resources so you know where to turn to for help, and much more! We can't wait to get more people certified to help #shatterthestigma.